Drug Intervention Program

Drug Intervention Program

For many people, bringing up an addiction to a loved one is frightening. Unfortunately, many people fail to address addiction for fear of their loved ones lashing out. Those who try to bring it up without preparation risk causing their loved ones to withdraw and fall deeper into their addiction. This is why looking at your options for a drug intervention program is important to have the structured support you need.

What Intervention Does

Interventions involve getting your addicted friend or relative to overcome resistance, so they feel more comfortable entering treatment. In many situations, family and friends have already begged their addicted loved one to get the help that was promptly rejected. Even if you can get them to the treatment facility, you may also find they leave before treatment has the chance to help. Any close friends or family members should look to a drug intervention to help them prepare and know what to say or do as the meeting occurs.

Who Should Get an Intervention?

Anyone addicted to alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription medications that persists in their addiction is nothing, or they can do it on their own would benefit from an intervention. Most often, these addicts reject all ideas of treatment.

Why Would You Need an Intervention?

There are several possible reasons why a drug intervention program is the best option, including:

  • Alcohol and drug use can lower the addict’s awareness. As the damage builds in the form of damaged relationships, poor health, legal issues, and financial woes, it can be more challenging for an addict to see the other side. Most people deeply involved in addiction use excuses to brush these problems off and continue using drugs or alcohol.
  • Addicts often fear they cannot handle the sickness and pain of withdrawal.
  • The addict in question may also be driven by cravings to drink or use drugs. This can make them unable to conceive of functioning on a sober level.
  • Because of years of drug use or drinking, your addicted loved one may also form a low opinion of themselves. Once this happens, they feel they do not deserve recovery.

An intervention should be done out of love and concern by friends, family, or co-workers that the addict respects and cares about. The best time of day for most interventions will be in the morning, or a time when the addict is the most likely to be sober.

It is important to remember that anyone who may lose their temper should not be involved in an intervention. This may only lead to the addict withdrawing or getting mad and leaving the meeting. However, working with the right intervention specialist will help you understand the process and have the solid foundation to get through to the addict in question.

Do you feel it might be time to formulate a drug intervention program for your loved one? We are here to help at Addiction Interventions. Our facility offers professional interventions to help with alcohol and drug abuse so that you can address your loved one in a thoughtful, structured, and caring manner. Contact us today by calling (866) 584-2525, and a team member can address all questions and concerns.

Drug Intervention Program

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