Rehab Facilities in Arizona

Rehab Facilities in Arizona

Wolf Creek Recovery is one of the best rehab facilities in Arizona with the best clinicians, hundreds of positive reviews, and proven treatments and therapies. We have helped hundreds of recovering addicts get sober with our customized addiction treatments and therapies and evidence-based healing programs.

Top reasons to choose us for recovery in Arizona

As a pioneer addiction treatment facility, we create customized healing plans for each patient and use innovative psychotherapy programs to help them achieve their wellness goals. Our facility handles substance abuse in four stages – detox, phase 1, phase 2, and extended care.

The different modules of our treatment program address each patient’s unique needs to guide them safely and comfortably towards sobriety. Besides, we accept most insurance plans and offer unsurpassed addiction treatment at affordable prices.

How do I handle a trigger?

Triggers refer to stress, anxiety, depression, misdirected anger, and other things that cause you to indulge in toxic behaviors. Leaving your triggers untreated can lead to substance abuse, alcoholism, or other destructive habits that can negatively affect your wellbeing and harm those around you.

Alongside therapy, there are several healthy coping mechanisms that you can try to manage triggers. Developing self-awareness is a proven technique to identify triggers and tackle them effectively. Here are a few ways to handle a trigger:

  • Sign up for ongoing care programs at your treatment center.
  • Engage in regular exercise and eat a well-rounded meal.
  • Make sure to follow a healthy sleep schedule and get at least eight hours of sleep a day.
  • Participate in therapy or counseling regularly following addiction treatment.
  • Practice meditation or mindfulness for emotional stability and peace of mind.

Instead of making excuses for harmful behavior, seek help from one of our top-rated rehab facilities in Arizona to overcome your behavioral compulsions. The sooner you receive treatment for your triggers and learn essential coping skills, the higher the chances of attaining a safe and sustainable recovery.

Psychotherapies we use to treat substance abuse disorders

Psychotherapies are science-based treatment modalities that help address and treat substance abuse disorders and the mental health problems that lead to addiction. Here are some of the psychotherapies that we use to treat addiction at our rehab:

  • CBT – We use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help recovering addicts find connections between their thoughts, emotions, and actions. It increases self-awareness and helps individuals heal from anxiety, ADHD, bipolar disorder, OCD, eating disorders, etc.
  • DBT – Dialectical Behavioral Therapy focuses on changing the addict’s behavior and surroundings to help them get clean and remain sober in the long run. It also bolsters the patients’ self-esteem and encourages them to become self-sufficient over the years.
  • EMDR – We use EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy to help recovering addicts process trauma. EMDR uses sporadic visual stimulation and reprocesses how memory gets stored in the human mind. It also reduces the intense feelings associated with a traumatic memory.

Contact Wolf Creek Recovery at (928) 227-8887 to verify your insurance. Your ongoing search for one of the top rehab facilities in Arizona ends here. Our facilities offer the best dual diagnosis treatment with a highly experienced team of clinicians at affordable prices. Join our team for improved mental and behavioral wellness today!

Rehab Facilities in Arizona

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