Teen Sober Living

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Teen Sober Living

At Clearfork Academy, we offer excellent teen sober living options and high school academic programs at affordable prices. Our Christ-centered addiction treatment for teens equips them with a spiritual framework and a positive outlook on life, which helps them maintain sobriety in the long term.

When to move into a sober living home?

Ideally, recovering addicts move into a sober living home after several days of stay at an inpatient facility. Individuals who do not have a strong support system or a stable home to return to may benefit from staying at a sober living home. You can remain in a sober living facility for as long as you need it. Sober living helps patients transition to the real-world one day at a time after residential treatment.

You may also return to a sober living facility if you’ve had a minor relapse incident or if you feel bombarded by triggers and cravings after returning home. While a sober living facility offers more independence and the lowest level of care, it still provides you with a safe and supportive environment that is ideal for healing and recovery.

What to expect in a sober living home?

Unlike inpatient treatment, sober living does not engage patients in immersive rehab programs. The residents are not bound to the home’s campus, and they may come and go as they please. Our sober living program allows adolescent boys to readjust to normal life and equips them with all the essential skills to get back to their daily tasks and responsibilities.

As one of the leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation for teenagers, our sober living program also has rules that the residents must abide by, such as curfews, faith-based group meeting attendance, bible study sessions, etc. Our sober living programs will help you heal and recover through peer support and help you develop structure and a healthy routine. It also creates a sense of accountability along with sober fellowship, which helps reinforce your commitment to abstain from drugs and alcohol long-term.

Top reasons to consider our sober living treatment for teenager

As relapse is a common occurrence in teenagers in the first 12 months after treatment, we highly recommend our sober living program for all teenagers after completing the residential Fort worth adolescents rehabilitation program. Here are the top reasons to choose our rehab for teens in Fort Worth for sober living:

  • We offer 6-12 months of additional treatment to engage adolescent boys in education, health, wellness activities, experiential outings, career counseling, and wilderness therapeutic experiences.
  • We conduct individual and group counseling sessions to help teenagers adapt and accustom to the real-world.
  • We have a fully-licensed high school, where adolescent boys can receive the best quality education and addiction treatment and therapies.

Call Clearfork Academy at 866-650-5212 to learn more about our teen sober living programs. Clearfork Academy is an upscale rehab facility for teenagers with the best medical detox, residential, IOP, outpatient, and sober living treatment programs. Help your teenager overcome their addiction with our Fort Worth teens and adolescent residential treatment.

Teen Sober Living

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Teen Sober Living

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